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*Even though I may not agree 100% with all of the information presented in the following links,
there is good information here that can help you make well-informed decisions about wedding photography.

wedding photography resources...
"Before You Hire a Wedding Photographer..."
"Choosing a Wedding Photographer"
"Digital vs. Film" Wedding Photojournalist Association
"Frequently Asked Questions" Interface Photography/B.C. Canada
"Hiring a Wedding Photographer"
"How to Choose Wedding Photographers and Videographers"
"How to Hire a Photographer"
"How To Overcome an Addiction to 'Setup' Photographs" Gannett News Watch
"Important Things to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Photographer"
"Is Wedding Photojournalism A Fad?"
"Photo Tips for Wedding Guests"
"Photography and Videography"
"Photography Articles"
"Photography & Videography Articles"
"Photography: 14 Tips for Perfect Photos"
"Photography: Going Digital--What To Know"
"Photos Your Photographer Won't Take, Unless You Ask for Them"
"Questions to Ask Photographers"
"Questions to Ask Yourself and The Professional"
"Selecting a Photographer"
"Selecting a Photographer" Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
"Selecting a Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding Pictures"
"Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions" Eliot Khuner Photography/San Fransisco, CA
"Wedding Photography Questions (and Answers)" Christopher Maxwell Photography/Kansas City, MO
"Wedding Photography Tips: Selecting A Wedding Photographer For Your Wedding Pictures"
"What Makes A Good Wedding Photojournalist?" Wedding Photojournalist Association

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